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Directed by : YANG Ji-eun
Cast : CHAE Min-seo, JO Han-chul, Yang Eun-yong
Production Company : FILM LINE
Support : Korean Film Council
Melodrama | 93min | Korea | 2014
A story of love and hatred between a man without a soul and the woman he desires.
Philosophy professor Yun is a perfectionist with sexual finickiness and lives a flat life with his musician wife. One day, a female student visits his office to complain about her grade, and the professor becomes outrageous when she starts to seduce him. A few days later, while looking at the student, sitting in the classroom in a seductive dress as if to ridicule him, Professor Yun collapses from myocardial infarction. He becomes conscious again, but ends up being bed-ridden due to general paralysis. His wife finally gets exhausted and hires a skillful carer before leaving for recuperation. The carer, Sookhee, is somewhat unbearable to Professor Yun, who cannot move his body at all. Treating him like a child, Sookhee secretly stimulates his body with her furtive therapies. Sookhee dominates men in exchange for her body. At the same time, she looks like a little girl who has great interest in adorning herself. Lead actress Chae Minseo is a perfect fit for such mixed character of Sookhee. Through her images, Chae presents Sookhee's external behaviors as both a shock and enigma.

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