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Directed by : David Thian
Cast : Shinny Tan, Kim Ho-won, Sherlyn Seo, Philip Keong, Phoebe Ooi
Production : DAA Productions
Co-Production : FILM LINE
Support : Korean Film Council, Seoul Film Commission
Comedy, Drama | 106min | Malaysia, Korea | 2018
There is a legend of sea about love: One day when you find the true one, it will appear.
A young girl in a Nanyang fishing village, always worships about Korean culture, has been living her life in the illusory-dreamy way, in order to escape the cruelness and imperfections of reality, untilíŽ She meets a guy who came from South Korea that changes her perception of life almost utterly. He brings hope and faith into her life even he is the one who are going to encounter the most difficult task of lifetime - death.
They caní»t help but to fell deeply in love with each other, but how can their love be everlasting, if death is on their way?
And so, he was determined to leave, to seek for final hope, a hope for survival. And she is on the path of finding him to Korea...
They meet each other, then separated, and finally one day, the legendary fishes, Shun Pong O appear, it is the sign of miracles love.

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