FILM LINE is a film production company of feature films, TV programs and commercials, based in South Korea.
FILM LINE, founded in 2000 as a coordinate production company, we provide production service and support to production companies shooting in Asia. We have a broad experience to produce and co-produce on the international market. Aiming to build its brand in the global contents market, it is steadily building credibility in the film industry as a company with production know-how accumulated through the coordinate production of over 200 Japanese TV programs and films in Korea and abroad.
FILM LINE goal is to increase co-producing creative projects between FILM LINE and other Asian and International film companies.
FILM LINE is the provider of all your production needs.
  • To support incentives for rebate on production costs by Korean Film Council and Regional Film Commissions
  • To scout and permit scenic production locations
  • To provide professional and experienced staff
  • To manage your production equipment requirements
  • To deliver your film on schedule & budget
  • To maintain a positive, productive and friendly working relationship

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